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What a different October than we thought we were going to have! Nate’s Grandma Allen passed away on Oct 2, the same day we launched our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Instead of spending many hours at home in Kansas City writing blogs and emailing our network of friends and fans, we drove to Portland for the funeral and then back to KC through San Francisco. It was awesome to see the friends that we were able to see but we are glad to be home. Here is a video from our trip of Nate playing a song from his new solo album, called “Social Equality” in Stockton CA.

I wanted to share my thoughts with you about Nate’s new album Take Out The Trash, which is An Honest Look at Privilege, Racism, Unemployment & Being Burnt Out!

Thank you so much if you have already backed our project. We are about two thirds of the way to the $3,300 goal. This is the amount needed for the album to be pressed on CD and Vinyl.

We need your help to reach the funding goal for the album by Nov. 5th. Payments are not processed until then and only if we make or exceed the goal. If we do not reach our $3300 goal, then no one is charged, we don’t get any money and we won’t be able to press the album in the foreseeable future.

In 2013, I encouraged Nate to start a solo project because I needed a break from playing shows while working during tax season. As he began to write new songs I was impressed and would remark “this is really good” quite often. This was a change for me. We have very different songwriting styles, and in the past it has taken me a while to warm up to any new song of his, but these were different.

He attributes some of the improvement to the many hours he spent in 2012 reviewing his entire discography while creating the Destroy Nate Allen Songbook. Reflecting on all of the things he wished he could change (if only he had listened to his wife in the first place), Nate became more selective and intentional with his new songs. I truly believe it is his best work so far and puts him back on track to where he was headed before he had me join Destroy Nate Allen.

So what do these songs sound like? They are honest, accessible and catchy like most of his songs ONLY BETTER! A couple of the songs sound like the blues. One song is a nod to Social Distortion. He’s got a couple quiet reflective songs (think Bright Eyes) and a few fast rockers. There’s a song with heavy lyrics and incongruently happy music. He gets serious and digs down deeper than ever into his soul.  It is not silly like DNA, but humour is still evident throughout. This is still Nate Allen after all. Everyone who has heard the record says it’s among the best albums of his career. He has learned from his mistakes and truly made an album worth listening to.

Please consider funding the album or sharing our kickstarter with your friends.

Here is the kickstarter link: http://kck.st/YUwVsT


Take Out The Trash: An Honest Look at Privilege, Racism, Unemployment & Being Burnt Out!

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