Long story short we have to cancel our summer touring plans.

About two weeks ago, it was discovered my wife/bandmate Tessa had a ruptured appendix. They ended up doing emergency surgery on her abdomen and in addition to removing the remains of her appendix; they also removed parts of her colon and small intestine. She’s expected to make a full recovery but ended up spending 11 days in the hospital.

Our best guess is that she ruptured her appendix 6 days before she was admitted – in those 6 days she played 2 shows with a ruptured appendix!

We’ve decided to hold off all out of town shows until August so she can properly recover. We had a full US tour booked with Insomniac Folklore. We were also set to play a week of shows with our friends Andrew Jackson Jihad. Both bands are still going on tour so please support them when they come to your towns!

Until Tessa’s fully recovered all I’ll be playing all Destroy Nate Allen show’s solo. This has been a major wake-up call for us. We’ll be staying pretty low key for a while and making some big changes.

We had planned to release a new triple EP and a 7” this month and I’m not sure when these will be coming out now. But in the meantime, www.facebook.com/destroynateallen has a new recording of Turns Out You’re Perfect For Me, that we recorded last year in Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks for understanding.

Nate Allen

Summer Tour Canceled w/Insomniac Folklore and Andrew Jackson Jihad

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