These are a few memories of the soon to be expired Vandals Punk Rock Club in Kansas City.

2007: I played The Newsroom on my first US tour. I got on the show because the band’s singer that was scheduled to play had bitten some guy’s nose off … This is still the weirdest reason I have ever gotten on the show. I met some nice folks that night and I was told the space was haunted. I also remember the promoter bought me yummy Thai Food.

After the show I went to the Walmart in Roeland Park to sleep in the parking lot. Cops woke me twice during the night inspiring the lines in Jesus Keep Us Safe From The Cops: “I was sleeping in a parking lot. They said ‘They’ll kill you’ on this very spot. Then a few hours later his friends came around, said ‘listen hear boy’ you best get out of our town.'” Eventually this also inspired the Destroy Nate Allen theme song.

2014: We had moved to Kansas City. Newsroom had become The Black & Gold and soon became Vandals. The staff treated us and our touring friend fairly and with much respect. I really loved the club and set up as many shows as I possibly could there. We ended up being the first band to the play the Vandal’s takeover weekend, so I believe that makes us the first band to play the club in its final incarnation?

My favorite time playing Vandals was the night a storm knocked the power out in the neighborhood and we played in the bar with only the emergency lights on. A random elderly fellow came by and gave everyone glow bracelets. The Lonely Revolts from California also rocked in the dark. Before rocking electric style along with Revolt from SLC.

Huge shout out to Michelle, Nate, Erik, Chelsea, McKayla and everyone else who made this space awesome.

Here is video of us Glowing In The Dark playing Theme Song / Loving You:

Loving You is currently available on vinyl:

or for FREE download at:

RIP Vandal’s Punk Rock Club

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