To mark the 5th anniversary of our album With Our Powers Combined. Hidden Home Records has released the album on a super fancy pink splatter cassette with updated artwork.

Order a copy today!

Here are a few of the With Our Powers Combined reviews:

“Downright entertaining on a hilarious level” –Goldenmixtape

“It’s like all the forces of nature combined to make this exactly the sort of thing you can’t help but get behind. “ – Dying Scene

“Their raw, noisy, punk-influenced storytelling brings me back to a time when going to shows and making friends was more important than the sonic quality of a recording or how it held up against the great recordings in rock ‘n roll history.” – Tangzine

“When the band excels at being unusual, they soar.” – Punk News

“Fun, cheezy, comic-book like.” – The Punk Site

“The love child of Atom and His Package and the Aquabats” – punkrocktheory

And also Garnered us some fun articles/interviews in the Willamette Week, For The Love of Punk, Almost Nerdy and We Move Against The Tides.

With Our Powers Combined Re-Released On Cassette

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