Greetings. It’s been a long time since Tessa and I slept in our own bed. 7 months to be exact. Weird. Whenever I start an adventure like this I try to count the consequence as best as possible, yet when all is said and done there are some things that just can’t be avoided or escaped.

Post tour ups and downs are one of those things. In the week we’ve been home life has been a spiral of emotion. Joy, Exhaustion, Relief, Anger, Fear, Helplessness, Feelings of being inescapably consumed with music, Selfishness, Anxiety. All these feelings and much, much more at first seemed wrapped in harsh words and uneasiness. Thankfully the harsh words have bypassed a bit… still, I’m on edge.

Our last few years have been a whirlwind of relationship, marriage, tour, music, new jobs, returning to school and countless other adjustments. Tour was no different. We grew a lot as individuals, as a couple, and as a band. We played 141 shows and drove through 44 states in a little of over six months. Most of the time it was rad. Sometimes it really wasn’t. We learned a lot. It seems life just keeps bringing up new things to learn. On the days we were tired, grumpy, snippy with each other and running late, we had to remind ourselves, “We are living out our dreams! Let’s be grateful!”

Here are a few of the tour highlights:

Getting to spend 6 months playing music and seeing the country with my best friend!

Seeing our old van die, with $200 to our name and seeing things come together to get a new van all without missing a show.

Being given two guitars when I needed them most….and a GPS!

Merch Hook Ups: Dead & Buried, Rockwell Merch, Ink Brigade!

Staying relatively healthy on tour!

Watching folks clap and sing-a-long or run out the door at shows.

Discovering the rocking & out of control sides of South Dakota, Kalamazoo, Minneapolis, Nashville, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, North Carolina, & Arizona in new ways.

Getting to share shows with Rodent Emporium, The Intolerants, Larry and His Flask, Flatfoot 56, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Wingnut Dishwashers Union, Delay, Tim Barry, Berth Control (x-Moldy Peaches), Blackbird Raum, David Deporis, Brook Pridemore, Jr & The Brian, The Last Hope, Stereotype Rider, The Reddman, A Paper Cup Band, The Deal, The Scurvies, Soul Junk, Lake, The Kris Special, The Leeves, Rats & Birds, Underground Railroad to Candyland, The Coathangers, Gnar Boots, Bradley Hathaway, Benjamin Francis, Brother Stephen, 19 Action News, J.& L. Guitarstring, The Killigans, For.The.Win., Mallory, The Apprentice, Aaron Foster Buchanan, Wovenhand, Mutiny Amongst Friends, Pine Hill Haints, Lovvers, Cartright, Rob Lately, Almanac Shouters, The Funyon’s (members of Onion Flavored Rings), Imadethismistake, Neil Sutherland, The Taxpayers, The Filthy 42’s, Sarah Carter, Aaron Buchanan, Dustin & The Furniture, Arkansas? & SO MANY MORE!

We just moved into a new house in North Portland – with a bunch of old friends from our days in San Francisco. Tomorrow, I start back to school and Tessa starts back to work. Our goal in the months to come is to take things a bit slower and hang out more, so if you’re in or near Portland look us up, we’d love to see you!

Below is the info for our first Portland show in 7 or so months.

Hope all is well.

Nate Allen

January 29th w/Nothington (BYO Records)
Alex Hudjohn, & Danger Death Ray
The Zombie House 4209 SE 63rd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97217 9 PM – $5

Post Cut & Paste Tour Recap

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