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*WE ARE PLAYING ON FRIDAY. We were originally scheduled to play on Saturday. 

The best thing about punk rock is friendship. This weekend we’ll be joining some of our favorite bands to celebrate a release weekend for NXNW Records. Here is a run down on why you should come out @ 9 PM to see everyone rock starting on Friday at Katie O’ Brien’s and then come back on Saturday to have fun all over again.

Friday Highlights:

Callow – This smooth rocking Bay Area duo are celebrating the release of a new album. I normally don’t love music this chill but Callow puts me in a great mood and is not to be missed. Check the tunes.

Attica! Attica! – Aaron is a kindred spirit. I can’t recommend his folky-punk highly enough. He’s one our favorites in the country. We’re stoked to be rocking with him again. It’s been too long. Check the tunes.

Danger Death Ray – We shared our first 7″ with DDR and have played many a house show with these fine gentlemen over the years. Come see them play a rare acoustic set. Check the tunes.

Tuck and Roll will cap off the night with a high energy set sure to make your 90’s punk rock spirit come alive. Get ready to sweat. Check the tunes.

Details are posted on pc-pdx.com and our shows page. Here is the facebook event.

Saturday Highlights:

The Tanked – I have known the Tanked since their day’s in the Misfats. You’d be hard pressed to find a better drinking band in Portland. They will close the night in style. You don’t want to miss this! Check it out.

Sam Fisher – Sam is from Tuck and Roll. He’ll be ripping out a set of his new acoustic tunes. Check it out.

Matt Schoch – I dig Matt’s blue grassy new record. Check it out.

Danger Death Ray (electric set).

Details are posted on pc-pdx.com. Here is the facebook event for Saturday.

NXNW Records put our first 7″.  You can listen to it HERE or purchase one of the last copies HERE.


NXNW Records Release Party – Punk Rock Is Community

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