I’m a pop punk kid at heart. I always have been.

We just found we get to go to Seattle on Sunday to meet some family. Tessa suggested we try to jump on show. These are results. I’m about to wet myself!

March, 14 2009 07:00 PM – GRNSTRP HAUS w. CLASSICS OF LOVE (feat. Jesse Micheals of Operation Ivy) & MIKE PARK!, w/The Damage Done and Destroy Nate Allen 819 NE 70th, Seattle, Washington 98115 – $5

Come out early we play first.. probably before the start of the show. This will be epic!

Retrospective Update: We got on the show because our friend Rev from Success was stuck out of state. Below our videos from the show. I included one of his band Success because they are awesome and were there in spirit.

Mike Park – Just Another Crowd w/Jesse Michaels (you can see Tessa and I in the background).

Mike Park / Classics of Love – Seattle Audience

Show Reflection:

Jesse Michaels, Mike Park, Dateless, The Damage Done, Destroy Nate Allen

March 17th @ GRNSTR House in Seattle

We found out a few days before this amazing show that we had some family from Bolivia flying through Seattle. Tessa suggested I try to find a show. The Damage Done were kind enough to let us open last minute.

The GRNSTR House was small and pretty well packed before things got started. Everyone was in a good mood. I was extremely excited and pretty nervous for this show.

We opened to packed room. Everyone sang-a-long. We had a great time. After we played, The Damage Done raised the energy level with spirited DIY Hardcore/Punk set. Dateless followed with some sweet pop punk in what was apparently one of they’re final shows.

the damage done destroy nate allen

Mike Park (Plea For Peace, Skankin’ Pickles, Asian Man Record, ect.) played next and was fantastic. The room kept filling in and people we’re getting pretty rowdy. The PA was having trouble so Mike went unplugged. Mike ended his set by playing “The Crowd” by Operation Ivy. He said he was playing it since Jesse wouldn’t. As Mike belted it out Jesse slowly walked up beside him and started sing-a-long. I almost cried. In many ways the line, “We need a gathering INSTEAD” sums up so much of what punk rock should be about and this show truly was a gathering.

mike park destroy nate allen

mike park jesse michaels destroy nate allen



By the time Classics of Love (featuring Jesse Michaels on vocals and guitar), started playing the living room was busting at the seems. From the first song people we’re crowd surfing, it was quite a sight. The ceiling was pretty low and as people surfed the they were basically crawling around the lights, nearly kicking them out on a few occasions. The Classics of Loves set was amazing, Everyone was in such a great mood. It was easily one of the best shows I had ever been to. We can’t wait to go back to Seattle.

classics of love featuring Jesse Michaels

Here is a link to a scene report on PC-PDX.

Mike Park, Jessea Michaels, Destroy Nate Allen – Seattle Show
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