Kepi Ghouli Destroy Nate Allen PortlandWe leave on tour June 4th but before that, we have 3 killer Portland shows. All are worth attending and each will be pretty different. Here are the dates and the selling points:

May 11th – The Farm House (our place!) – a very rad folk show!
w/Medicine For The People, Kelli Schaefer, Seth Martin & The Menders.

This is a night of epic sing-a-longs will feature Seth Martin’s last US show for a year and the stop in your tracks rock n’ roll of Kelli Schaefer, who just got named as one of Portland’s best new bands by the Willamette Week. Check the facebook Event

May 16th – The Bomb Shelter – Kepi Ghoulie, Danger Death Ray, and The Bloodtypes!

– This will be a super fun, Kepi (Asian man records/ Groovie Ghoulies) is very, very neat to see live and the mystery guest features members of a band I thought I’d never play with and, of course, we put out a 7″ with Danger Death Ray last year! Check the facebook event.

May 20th – The Sea Shanty! – The best of both world, a great night of folk punk!w/Autry!, Ether Circus and Self Proclaimed Narcissist

This is our last Portland show until late August. Autry rocks wonderfully and we rarely get to enjoy the sweetness that is Ether Circus. The Sea Shanty is our favorite place to rock and we’re putting out a split with SPN later this summer. Check the facebook event!

Kepi Ghouli, Seth Martin, Medicine For The People & 3 Portland ROCK N’ ROLL SHOWS!!!!

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