joe lolly of Fugazi

On April 27th:

12:30: I wrote and submitted a paper right before we left town.

3p: We got stopped outside of Eugene and slapped with a $242 ticket. We we’re given a court date May 26th in Eugene.

5p: We arrived in Roseburg to for our show with Joe Lally (of Fugazi!) w/The Intolerants, His Name Shall Breathe, Unwelcomed Guests and more. The show was amazing. Joe and his band we’re fantastically┬ákind and really good. Being in Roseburg is always interesting for me as I grew up in the town. This trip was especially fun as some friends I hadn’t seen in ten years came out to the show!

The next morning I woke up and wrote and submitted a funding letter for my small business class, and then drove as fast as we could to Portland for my accounting test. I ended up arriving 30 minutes late for the test but I got a 97%! Turn out I like accounting.

In the days that followed we decided to go down and contest our ticket in Eugene and take up my buddy Sammy Warmhands on his long standing offer to record us at his studio Take 92.

Revised in 2015:

Here is the song “Smile” from our album Destroy Nate Allen: Perfect Recipe For The Smile we recorded at Take 92. The track contains lines inspired by a story Joe that night.

Joe Lally of Fugazi Roseburg Oregon

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