I attended Tomfest in 1998. The event forever changed my life. For the first time I was exposed to all sorts of punk rock. On the last day, I watched Jeff Suffering and Ninety Pound Wuss roll on the floor and bleed all over everything. I was blown away. Jeff was and still is the best front man I’ve ever seen.

On Feb. 19th, Jeff is playing an acoustic set at our house! If you would of told me this is 1998, I would of asked you what a house show was and called you a liar! I’m nicer now. I think you should do yourself a favor and come hang out at our house!

Music starts at 7 Pm. This show is $5, Family Friendly and going to amazing!

We look forward to seeing you.

Nate Allen

Check out the facebook event invite!

Retrospective Video from the show:

Jeff Suffering – Poison Tree

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Jeff Suffering Portland House Show!
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