japanther portland oregonWe are stoked to be rocking a super fun show with Japanther, French Horn Rebellion, The Cry, Dumpster Burger and more in a few days. No one has to miss out on the fun because this party is all-ages! Bring your friends and lace up your sneakers, we’re going dancing tonight.

I first rocked with Japanther years ago at show in Bloomington, Indiana at a sort of unoffial plan-it-x fest. That was far before Tessa joined the band. 13 touring bands had converged at one very sweet house show. It was there I met Brook Pridemore, Ghost Mice, Eric Ayotte and many other fine folks. I can honestly say that show changed my life.





Japanther – Pacific NW Last Chance To Dance boasting the lines “I went to see your bands, Portland, Oregon I’m a fan.”

French Horn Rebellion – This Moment

The Cry – I Think I’m in Love

Dumpster Burger Live @ Slabtown

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