Portland – we are so happy to be here. And overwhelmed at trying to spend time with all of the people we love here.

If you’d like to see us, please try to come to one of our shows.

Nate is playing an early solo set right at 8pm (Watertrough Saloon) as part of Ike Fonseca’s Tour Kickoff w/Ty Vaughn (Broadway Calls), Ryan Sollee (The Builder and The Butchers), Joel Hixon (Absent Minds) and Destroy Nate Allen is playing our duo set on Monday at The Twilight Cafe w/Ryan Knudtson and Ryan Sollee Band. I know it’s lame to just say come to our show; let us know if you want to come but can’t afford to pay a cover.

Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/events/474663779391421/
Monday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1637818766542788/

We are staying with family outside the city and we don’t have our own car, so we are doing our best to schedule individual time with folks where we can.

Check out the rockers we’re playing with:

Ike Fonseca:

Ryan Sollee: “Bringin’ Home the Rain”

Ty Vaughn (Broadway Calls) “Stealing Sailboats” @ The Fest

Ryan Knudtson / Four Walls: Numb EP

Hanging Out in Portland

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