Do It Together Fest Kent Ohio 2009Greetings from Elmer, New Jersey.

Today Tessa and I are celebrating 18 months of marriage with a drive to Norfolk, Virginia. We’ve also finally put our wedding video up on YouTube so you can check it out here if you want.

I currently have 62 misquito bites below my knees and 2 on my hand so I guess that totals 65! That’s my new record. We’ve been on tour for just about two and half months. Things have been going well. So far 57 shows have been played. Our two new albums are doing well and have been well recieved. I’ve put a few reviews up over on our myspace blog. Speaking of the records they should be up on Itunes and CD Baby soon.

We’ll be flying back to Oregon for a few days in early September to play X-Fest with Woven Hand, Soul Junk and Insomniac Folklore among others. This looks to be our only NW show for the rest of the year so head over to get all the details. It’s super reasonable and should be alot of fun. Following our flight we’ll be back out east to play DIT Fest in Kent, Ohio with the Sidekicks, The Menzingers,¬†Saintseneca,¬†Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Delay about about 30 other bands you should check out here:

After that we’ll be spending the majority of the years circling in the Midwest western and eastern states and playing around 100 shows. I’ve just updated our show calender with another rough scetch but I’d recommend checking back frequently as we are on the Cut and Paste tour so we seem to reroute every few days.

So far I’d say tour has has some interesting effect on our live show as things just seem to be getting more and more intense on a nightly basis.

I’ll leave you with a great quote about our Brooklyn show:

“It was physical. It was in your face. It was energetic. It was Lyrical. The did what they had to do, and IT WAS GOOD. – Brent Cole ( Current Member of Birth Control, former drummer of The Moldy Peaches.)


Nate Allen

DIT Fest 2009 – Two Months Into Another Character Build.

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