defiance ohio portland showThree years ago I was going through a musical crisis. I was writing songs and no matter where I looked I couldn’t find anyone I sounded anything like. Tessa was running a hospitality house at the time, and one of of her guests told her that he’d just returned from seeing all these “crappy little punk bands” play a festival in Florida. He showed her this crappy little bands and she thought to herself “This sounds like Nate’s music.” One of those bands he told her about was Defiance, Ohio. To be honest I can’t remember the names of any other other bands. I went out and bought a Defiance, Ohio cd a few days later. I loved it! A few months passed, I was about to embark on my first US tour.. and I still didn’t know anyone who played anything falling close to “folk punk.” I quit my job a day early and saw Defiance, Ohio, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Comadre, Pink Razors. I had stumbled down the rabbit whole. Tonight, we open for the Defiance, Ohio Portland show. Come out early and stay late. This show is very worth your time and effort. Here are further details:

Monday 4/6

Defiance, Ohio
Drunken Boat
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud
Destroy Nate Allen (We Open!)

7:30 PM!!!

The Satyricon
125 NW 6th Street
Portland, OR $7

Defiance, Ohio – The Year

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Drunken Boat – Precious On The Edge

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Defiance, Ohio Portland Show – Look At This Mess We Have Made!

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