We Got a New Van! Here’s how it went down!

Last Saturday our van was burning oil so bad we got pulled over by a cop…. We barely made it to Chicago amidst smoke we could see inside the van. Over the weekend, the community we were staying in @ Chicago had a wedding and several people in town for a funeral. Both our Chicago shows were hard. Tuesday – I spent 6 hours working on our 83 Econoline to fix a massive oil leak & bad alternator @ our friend Spike’s (from Crashdog!) auto shop. As a result, we got to our Milwaukee show 2 hours late. The show was good but we were tired. We slept @ Walmart, only to wake up to a dead battery. Wednesday – Walmart jumped our van & we drove to Autozone. Autozone test our van and said our alternator and battery were good. We drove 1 hour to Oconomowoc & put in 3 quarts of oil. Oconomowoc was a fun.

Thursday – We spent a relaxing day with friends before putting more oil in the van and driving to Madison. 6 Folks came to the Madison show but it was alot fun. On the way to our friends after the show our, started sputtering and reached a top speed of 25 MPH on the freeway. We coasted, to a McDonald’s parking lot. It breathed it’s last. A guy with a huge pick up tried to jump us but to no avail, he gave us a ride instead.

Friday morning we got up and with our friends AAA had the van towed back to the house.

We had about $200 dollars to our name, and a dead van. We spent the next few hours trying to figure out how to get to Minneapolis. We prayed and sent out a cry for help.

Hertz said they would rent us a car the weekend (we have Oregon ID’s and no Credit Cards) but they would have to put a hold on $200 dollars in our account. A friend gave us $200, we rented a car @ 5:30 PM and drove 80 through the snow to Minneapolis. Our friend Cynthia drove from Fargo… the show was a lot of fun. We a great time, one on the most fun nights on tour by far.

Saturday – We left for Omaha on 5 hours of sleep. We were a little late for load in but everyone was very rad. Tessa’s Aunt Janet came to our show. I’d never met her before. Omaha was amazing over 150 kids @ Sokol Underground. We got to open for Flatfoot 56 & The Killigans. Both bands are rad and very worthy of support. Bald Bearded Cow Productions took care of us. We had our best night financially in 3 years of touring! We almost had enough for a van.

Sunday – On 4 hours of sleep we back to Madison. Tessa searched Craigslist. She found a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager we could afford. We dropped off our a rental car & had our late return fee waived. Some friends drove us to check out the van. We took it for a spin and bought it.

In conclusion, we drove 1,247 miles to play two shows in three days. A few friends, including one of my college professors, donated money to keep us afloat & help us buy a new van!

Tomorrow, we leave for another 500-mile drive for a show in Kansas City. Before we go we have to load our new and scrap our old van. I think I’ve had enough adventure for a few days.

Much thanks to everyone who came out a the shows, sang-a-long, gave us hugs, bought merch, encouraged us, or said a prayer. You are all more valuable then you know.

See you on the road. We’ve got two month left!


Nate Allen

A crazy month, followed by a crazy week, followed by a crazy weekend, followed by 3 crazy days.
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