If you don’t have our split with with Blaster The Rocket Man, you should order it today. Click on the image or a link below to order your copy.

Here is the story behind the album:

I discovered Blaster The Rocket Man in 1999. There album The Monster Who Ate Jesus was and still is one of the greatest sci-fi, punk, whatever album’s I’ve heard. Shortly after the record came out Blaster broke up.

Flash forward 10 years. I heard a rumor that new Blaster songs had surfaced. After some research, I learned that Crossroads of America and Flannelgraph Records had convinced Blaster to record two songs their CD club. This was great news but I had an idea. Maybe Blaster would put these songs out on 7″ with my band? I mean why not right? So I crossed my fingers and sent off an email. To my surprise they said yes!

So what songs are on the album?

The two “new” Blaster The Rocket Man songs are The Detective of Nightmares and Death of Android Gunslinger and three songs from Destroy Nate Allen We Talk Occasionally on the Internet, Boobie Bar and Distracted Nate-O-Bot.

The 7″ was funding via kickstarter since it turns out a lot of other people also love Blaster The Rocket Man.

– Nate Allen

Listen to the Blaster Songs.

You can purchase the 7″ on interpunk.com or on storenvy.com


Blaster The Rocket Man / Destroy Nate Allen 7″

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